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Hi. Welcome to iDisplayPRO. This web-app gives you completely automated access to several Digital Signs, allowing you to book campaigns from just a few hours to several weeks long.

HOW IT WORKS How It Works!


Firstly, You will be able to experiment with a variety of 'schedules' and different 'plays rates', checking the pricing, to define your own completely customized advertising campaign. Once you have decided what works best for you, then creatives become the focus. Upload your creatives (which can be images and, on some signs, full motion video). Check each sign to see the exact speifications of the creative sizes and formats of creatives accepted. Once this is done, we will quickly verify that the creatives match the specifications and local advertising guidelines. We will then send you an email confirming the schedule you have selected with a link that will enable you to immediately activate your campaign. It really is that simple.

Once your campaign is running we send you a web-link which you can check anytime which lists the exact times of the next few times-of-display for your creatives making arranging photography or videography of your creatives much easier to arrange

Everything booked through iDisplayPRO is guaranteed to play and is NOT based on availability at the time. You are not committed to anything until payment is made, so we would encourage you to experiment with iDisplayPRO.



1. All creatives MUST be suitable for ANY age of audience. Even PG content is liable to be rejected
2. There are local restrictions on some signs with regard to references to topics such as religion, politics or drugs. If in doubt, please check with us regarding the particular sign you are interested in
3. Creatives attempting to use copyrighted material you do not own will be rejected
4. Any children in photographs/images must be completely clothed. Images depicting children in diapers or bathing suits will be rejected unless DIRECTLY related to the product(s) being shown. Please chek with us in advance
5. Please note that we do reserve the right to approve or reject any creatives at our sole discretion



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