BigSignMessage.com iDisplay!


• Perfect for one-time messages

• Marriage Proposals/Special Events

• Easy to Setup

• Create your own Text displays and add pictures

• Fully automated


• Runs Campaigns from a few hours to a few weeks long

• Perfect for Businesses/Brands/Promoters/Influencers

• Runs Images AND Videos

• Upload your own Creatives

• Fully automated

What is iDisplay?

iDisplay! [ http://bigsignmessage.com/myidisplay ] is a proprietary system from Big Sign Message LLC that allows anyone to upload images and/or text to large digital billboards and signs in Times Square. These can be displayed in almost real-time or scheduled for later in the day. There are no apps to download and it works from Desktop PC/Tablet/Phone, basically anything that can access the internet. We believe it is a worldwide industry first!

When can I use it?

iDisplay can never be guaranteed to be available. The billboard companies aim to sell all the available time to corporations to promote their brands and services. However, it is rare that a sign will be 100% sold-out, and that’s where iDisplay comes in. We find the gaps and allow YOU to fill them! The ‘bad’ news is that we can’t always guarantee that there will be space, when you first access iDisplay it automatically checks to see if there is time available for your BigSignMessage.

Can I schedule messages for an important occasion?

If you have a date for a message that is further ahead than iDisplay lets you schedule or you need to guarantee a certain date/time for messages such as Marriage Proposals,  Anniversaries, Birthday Wishes etc., we have a contact form on our main webpage for you to use. The Staff at BigSignMessage will be able to let you know if the time is available and then reserve it for you.

Can I get a longer message than iDisplay allows?

There are limits to the message that iDisplay can allow you. These will vary depending on the time available on the chosen sign. For PRE-BOOKED messages arranged through our office staff (i.e. NOT using iDisplay) we can arrange almost anything you might want (subject to availability). So far our longest booking has been 6-hours!

Can I play a video on the Signs?

Not using iDisplay. But for PRE-BOOKED messages for a future date, the answer is YES. OR try our new iDisplayPRO, which accepts full motion video and/or static images: http://bigsignmessage.com/idisplaypro – Videos must comply to the correct technical specifications for the signs. If you are unable to arrange that, then we can do it for you (obviously for a small charge).

I need to ask a question you haven’t listed here, how do I do that?

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Your Own Personal Message In Times Square!

   …Be Famous For 5 Minutes! or MORE!

BigSignMessage.com is a magical place where YOU can purchase 5 minutes or more of real TIMES SQUARE digital advertising space and upload your own personal message and image(s) to be seen on iconic, high impact Times Square digital billboard spectaculars and other world famous sign locations.

For just a teeny tiny fraction of the cost large brands pay to be seen by the public eye, BigSignMessage.com can broadcast YOUR BIG SIGN MESSAGE in front of the 500,000+ people who visit the square daily. Your message will run in-between the famous ads that make Times Square the largest outdoor brand advertising venue on the planet.

Use this EZ form to send us your name, contact info, and a brief note describing your Big Sign Messaging needs or any questions you might have. A BigSignMessage.com representative will get back to you promptly with answers, price packages, payment arrangement info, scheduling options, upload instructions etc… Great for:

    • Marriage Proposals
    • Engagements
    • Bridal Showers
    • Weddings
    • Honeymoon Photos
    • Personal Ads

    • Graduations
    • Anniversaries
    • Happy Birthday
    • It’s A Boy/Girl
    • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
    • Prayer Offerings

    • Tourists, Small Biz
    • Artists, Musicians
    • Promoters
    • Instagramers
    • Facebook Pages
    • Times Square Selfies

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